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About Aman Global Holding

Aman global holding company was established in February 2015 as a Kuwaiti shareholding (closed) co. With an authorized and paid up capital of KD 2,100,000 (approx USD $ 7,000,000).
The purpose of incorporating Aman global holding is to accommodate the existing companies owned by the current founders under the umbrella of a Corporate Group for better control and risk management, in addition to achieve the founders' vision and objectives towards their ambitious plan of expansion locally, regionally and internationally.
Total assets of the companies within the group amounts approx to USD $ 23 million with aggregate turnover exceeding USD $ 45 million.

  • Managing its subsidiaries or participating in managing other companies it invests in and provide needed support.
  • Invest its funds in trading in stocks, bonds and other securities.
  • Acquire and ownership of real estate and other related movable assets that are necessary for managing the company's businesses in accordance with the allowable limits of the law.
  • Acquire and ownership of intellectual properties (IP) rights such as patents, trademarks, industrial models, franchising and others of moral rights, exploitation and leasing them to its subsidiaries or to others either inside Kuwait or abroad. Participation in establishing Kuwaiti or foreign companies.



Paid Up Capital : KD 100,000 (Approx USD $ 335,000) Authorized Valuation: KD 650,000 (Approx USD $ 2,000,000) Established in 2002 as “Commissionaire Insurance Bureau” and was transformed in 2014 into Insurance Brokerage Company. Thereafter, the company was acquired entirely by Aman Takaful for KD 650,000 (Approx USD $ 2 million. This valuation of the goodwill has been performed by a recognized Audit Firm, and presented in Aman Takaful’s book under “Investments”. The company has 10 branches scattered in in primes cities within the state, supported with strong business relationships with major strategic business partners as well as wide network of individual and corporate clients.

Paid Up Capital : KD 150,000 (Approx USD $ 500,000) Established as a Kuwaiti limited liabilities company, Aman Post was founded in March 2014, while commenced its operations effectively by early 2015. The company provides full fledge courier services, including but not limited to:

  • Door-to-door local and international express delivery.
  • Special Delivery Service – Same business day / definite time
  • Hand Delivery Service by appointment
  • Bank’s and Corporate inter-branches service
  • Random Distribution Service
  • Direct Marketing through direct delivery and distribution
  • Domestic On Call Currier Service

Paid Up Capital : KD 300,000 (Approx USD $ 1,000,000) Established in August 2015 in the field of Third Party Administration (TPA), where insurance companies outsource all medical claims administration functions to concentrate better on their core business of accepting risks. In addition MEDCARE provides the standard medical insurance coverage . MEDCARE has state of the art system that is capable of translating all medical insurance clauses into smart codes, it applies international standards of claims handling methodologies, and it orchestrates the relations between insured members, paying bodies, medical providers, and insurance companies. Our team includes claim handlers, medical professionals, accountants, programmers, and legal experts that are capable of responding to any challenges instantly.

Paid Up Capital : KD 250,000 (Approx USD $ 1,000,000) Established just in January 2016, the company starting its operation from its main branch in Kuwait International Airport with a fleet of over 100 cars, with a target to reach 500 cars by end f the year. Established just in January 2016, the company starting its operation with a fleet of over 100 cars, with a target to reach 500 cars in its first year. At Aman rental, we make it our business to know your business. Because it's not about renting a car, it's about getting you where you're going and giving you everything you need to get there. Whether owning a business or managing a fleet, Aman Rent A-Car can work with you to customise a rental programme to meet all your business needs. Everything can be tailored to help manage costs, control business travel and increase efficiency.

Paid Up Capital : KD 250,000 (Approx USD $ 1,000,000 ) Established in February 2014, with the objective to lead the market in security printing and production. Al-Thika Printing Press is specialized in security printing and therefore has focused on providing innovative solutions in this field to selective clienteles in line with their needs and in conformity with the requirements of local authorities in accordance with the latest international standards. With this kind of specialization, Al-Thika Printing Press is proud to be considered as one of the best security printing companies in the GCC, if not in the Middle East region.

Authorized Capital : KD 5,000,000 (Approx USD $ 17,000,000) Aman Takaful Insurance was established in 2011 as a Kuwaiti shareholding (closed) company with the objective of providing professional insurance services, befitting the developments in the Takaful insurance market and to perform all business insurance and cooperation activities in line with the Islamic sharia principles. Aman Takaful is equipped with the appropriate financial resources along with experienced and qualified human resources that enable the company for providing both qualitative and quantitative insurance products and services that meet the needs of the burgeoning Islamic market. For More Information visit

We are a new medical company established in Kuwait called " Aman Medical services" under the umbrella of our main company " Aman Holding company " to add another specialty to our specialized companies in Kuwait market ,Such as but not limited to:

  • Insurance company:considered one of the leaders in the market covering all insurance field, specialties and aspects, with steady growth ratio in the local market and abroad, currently we have our office and partnership in Turkey as the first insurance company in Turkey under the Islamic regulations ( Takaful laws ) all insurance operations are managed and handled by a professional staff with long experience in this field and good reputations and relationships.
  • Real Estate company: a well-established company handling all the business locally and international to buy, sell and participating in enterprises projects.
  • Automotive rental, trading and repairing company: owning one of the major car rental company in the local market, several workshops for auto repair, and we are an authorized company to holding auctions.
  • Express courier: with our registered brand name Aman Post, we are handling the business for express delivery locally and international for different types of cargos, parcels, mails and documents achieving our goal through long-term contracts with major companies in Kuwait to handle all their requirements and fulfill their needs in delivering and shipping their consignments.
  • Healthcare services and Medical Supplies company: As a result of the increase in population of citizens and residents in addition to the great development in the medical field which requires to keep up with what's new in the medical field,the government formed a new health policy depending on the private sector to help in the development of medical services and providing the best services, devices and equipment. for that reason we considered to established our own medical services company to work 2 parallel operations, the first as healthcare providers through our own medical centers and the second to have own medical supplies and consumables company to serve our medical centers and meanwhile to distribute For More Information visit


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